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    leGPSBip+ is a new solar powered GPS logger and zero delay alti-variometer for paraglider with new advanced features! Includes leGPSBip+ Solar Vocal GPS logger - Zero delay Alti-vario 1 micro USB to micro USB right angle cable 1 micro USB to USB cable 2 adhesive velcros safety leash user manual For USB-C to micro USB OTG Host...

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  • $109.95

    leBipBip+ is the worthy successor of leBipBip, a solar powered audio variometer for paraglider and hang glider with new advanced features! Solar powered Very sensitive Lift & sink LED Louder buzzer Ruggedized Easy to use & fully configurable Made in France in the Alps Includes leBipBip+ solar audio variometer 2 x adhesive velcros safety...

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  • $44.95

    Included: leSolarPad 2.5W 5600mAh micro USB cable, right angle 4 velcro ties safety leash user manual

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    leSolarExplorer PRO pack includes: 20W foldable Sunpower solar charger with 2 USB port, 2.1A + 1A 2 USB to microUSB cables, 30cm

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