leSolarExplorer PRO: foldable solar charger 20W

leSolarExplorer PRO pack includes:

  • 20W foldable Sunpower solar charger with 2 USB port, 2.1A + 1A
  • 2 USB to microUSB cables, 30cm
  • optional power bank:
    • Weekend Power Bank: 7800 mAh (27Wh)
    • Travel Power Bank: 15600 mAh (54Wh)

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  • no Power Bank
  • Weekend - 7800 mAh (27Wh)
  • Travel - 15600 mAh (56Wh)

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With leSolarExplorer PRO pack, take your devices along on your next expedition, and forget about the fear of running out of battery!

leSolarExplorer PRO pack has been designed for the adventurer who is going to live off the grid for a while.

When paragliding, hiking, cycling, climbing, fasten the solar panels to your backpack, tent or paragliding harness and turn the most of the sun power into electricity.

At night, continue to charge your devices with the accumulated sun energy in the Power Bank.

Solar charger features:

  • 4 x wide Sunpower solar panels of 5 watts each, allowing permanent use of smartphone while under sunlight
  • High performances monocrystaline Sunpower solar cell: up to 22% efficiency
  • 2 x smart USB charging ports for power bank, smartphone, tablet, e-reader or GPS
  • Integrated controller to ensure voltage stability during charging with Maximum Power Point Tracking feature (MPTT)
  • 5 fastening rings to secure the panels on any backpack or paragliding harness
  • Zipped mesh pouch and elastic strap to secure the charging device (power bank, smartphone, GPS)

Solar charger specifications:

  • 20W flexible solar panels (4 x 5W)
  • 2 x USB output 5V/2.1A + 1A
  • 700gr (24.6oz)
  • size folded: 25cm*16.5cm*3.5cm
  • size opened: 25cm*77cm*1cm
  • weatherproof

Optional Power Bank features:

  • 2 x USB connectors for smartphone, tablet, e-reader or GPS
  • Easy to check capacity with ruggedized button and 4 led indicator
  • Quickly re-charge at home with wall adapter in 5 hours
  • Solar charge on the field in only 5 hours
  • Allows to be discharged while charging

Weekend Power Bank specifications:

  • Battery Li-Ion 7800 mAh (27Wh)
  • 2 x USB output 5V 2.1A
  • 1 x microUSB charging input
  • 175gr (6.1oz), 10cm*6cm*2cm

Travel Power Bank specifications:

  • Battery Li-Ion 15600 mAh (54Wh)
  • 2 x USB output 5V 2.1A
  • 1 x microUSB charging input
  • 335gr (11.8oz), 17cm*6cm*2cm

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