leGPSBip+ : GPS logger - Instant Vario

leGPSBip+ is a new solar powered GPS logger and zero delay alti-variometer for paraglider with new advanced features!


  • leGPSBip+ Solar Vocal GPS logger - Zero delay Alti-vario
  • 1 micro USB to micro USB right angle cable
  • 1 micro USB to USB cable
  • 2 adhesive velcros
  • safety leash
  • storage pouch
  • user manual

For USB-C to micro USB OTG Host cable option : see Accessories section.

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Voice output

Tap twice on the casing to make leGPSBip+ announce altitude, speed, climb rate, flight duration, time, etc

Instant Vario

Thanks to the Instant Vario Technology, beeps are instantly linked with your senses and make flying more efficient.


Connect with the provided micro-USB cable leGPSBip+ to your smartphone or eReader to use them as alti-vario display and follow your flight path in real time! (USB-C also available)


After your flight, connect leGPSBip+ to your computer to visualize your flight path easily!



  • GPS logger: IGC FAI-CIVL, KML Google Earth
  • solar powered
  • instant variometer with accelerometer and gyroscope sensors
  • speaks altitude, speed, and many other flight information in many languages
  • smart mode announces flight information automatically
  • audio variometer in three volumes, mute mode
  • LED vario : lift and sink indicator
  • fully configurable with leConfigurator web-app and vario preview
  • large internal battery: 20h autonomy without sun
  • 8GB internal memory: store 20 000 flight paths!
  • USB mass media storage and serial device
  • connectivity (smartphone, eReader,…)
  • ultralight and compact (35gr)

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