Want to watch a high-quality paragliding movie ?

🎬 Movie night Antoine Boisselier's latest film is out and it's a real gem! In "I would land in your backyard! 3", Antoine takes us on a vol bivouac adventure to meet the Pyreneans. 🦅 On the programme: magnificent landscapes, generosity, hassle, and of course nice thermals that give you the smile! 🌞 Hop on [...]

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How to efficiently climb to the cloudbase and see the sea ?

🌤 By flying with the BipBip PRO of course ! 🦅 Let yourself be carried away by Luca Goudon's 55th paragliding flight (his first flight with a variometer), and live this emotional moment with him. 💥 You will hear the reactivity of the BipBip PRO in action, and especially the "sweep tone" feature which gives [...]

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leGPSBip+ demo & configuration video

🎥 Discover the new demo video for leGPSBip+, the only paragliding instrument that speaks ! ✅ Unboxing, basic settings, configuration app, instant vario, vocal announcement demo, here is a sneak peak of the main features of our vocal GPS-logger. 🌍 For this demo, leGPSBip+ speaks in English, but it can speak in more than 11 [...]

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Cielo y Tierra : 1000km by horse and paraglider through Colombia

Et si on combinait parapente, cheval, astrophysique et écologie ? C’est l’idée de Cielo y Tierra : deux aventurières, Marja l’astrophysicienne et Kira l’écologue, armées de parapentes et de télescopes, et d'une intarissable soif de voyager. Un trajet de 1000km à cheval et en vol, pour échanger avec les gens rencontrés sur la route, découvrir [...]

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Libres comme l’air, last chance to watch the full movie on TV

Libres comme l'air is sponsored by the mini solar variometer LeBipBip, and is about free flight cross country, a fascinating story by Nicolas Hairon and Antoine Boisselier. The movie will be broadcasted on French TV chanel France 3 Rhône-Alpes, Monday 29th January at 11:40pm.

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Libres comme l’air, the movie

Here you can watch the short version of the latest movie by Altitude Films. Libres comme l'air is a movie about free flight cross country, featuring the mini solar variometer LeBipBip. The full version will be broadcasted on French TV chanel France 3 Rhône-Alpes, Monday 18th January at 9pm.  

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Frequent Flyers Project #3 – Paragliding in Namibia

Guillaume und Perrine sind mittlerweile im großartigen Namibia! Sehen Sie ihren atemberaubenden neuen Kurzfilm hier: Wenn Sie möchten, besuchen Sie ihre Facebook-Seite, um kommende Filme nicht zu verpassen!

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Frequent Flyers Project #2 – Paragliding in Nepal

Guillaume und Perrine sind viel gereist, um verschiede Teile der Welt zu befliegen. Viel Spaß mit ihrem netten Kurzfilm übers Paragliden und mehr in Nepal! Wenn Sie möchten, liken Sie ihre Facebook-Seite, um die nächsten Filme zu sehen! Sponsoren Ozone Paragliders Sup’Air Lowe Alpine Ice Breaker Asolo Adidas Eyewear Le BipBip  

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