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HikeandFly ES 2nd edition : the unmissable race in Brazil

More and more hike&fly competitions are organized around the world, and we are proud to support this one since the beginning : @hikeandfly.es happened early June in Brazil, and their organizers also believe in the importance of encouraging women participation in paragliding competitions. Congrats to Catiane Kugelmeier who won the female category and a BipBip […]

Dragon Hike & Fly race 2022 : Rosie Ireland wins the BipBip PRO !

The 2022 Dragon Hike and Fly took place in the Black Mountains of Wales over the weekend of 21-22 May. The event had a new base at Cwmffryd Campsite near Crickhowell. 35 athletes started the race, with 22 in goal, a record for the event. The 57km task was won in under 9 hours by […]

Paragliding ski lift

Paragliding : isn’t it the best ski lift ever ? And with a little help from the BipBip+ to enjoy the view from above 🤩 👏 Antoine Boisselier and Guillaume Broust for another classic combo in the French Alps !

Wanaka Hike&Fly 2nd edition : the fun race !

Here at Stodeus, we are proud to support the Wanaka Hike&Fly race, a one-of-a-kind hike&fly competition in New Zealand opened to pilots of all levels and focused on fellowship with fun evenings at mountain huts ! “This years Wanaka Hike & Fly was a huge success with fantastic flights, great comradeship and healthy competitive emotions […]

Discover the enthusiasts at Stodeus

As a gift this month, to start the year off right, Cross Country magazine is offering all its subscribers a 100-page supplement: the Adventure Guide 2022 ! In these pages, you will find stories of great odysseys and micro-adventures from the other side of the world or just a stone’s throw from home, but always […]

Hike and Fly ES, the first hike&fly competition in Brazil

The first Hike and Fly competition of Espirito Santo – Brazil, took place from 5th to 7th of November 2021. Lucas Porto and Micheli Sossai, organizers of the event took their chances believing in a format never done in Brazil. They opted for tasks more technical, longer, and Race to Goal inspired. The first morning […]

Want to watch a high-quality paragliding movie ?

🎬 Movie night Antoine Boisselier’s latest film is out and it’s a real gem! In “I would land in your backyard! 3”, Antoine takes us on a vol bivouac adventure to meet the Pyreneans. 🦅 On the programme: magnificent landscapes, generosity, hassle, and of course nice thermals that give you the smile! 🌞 Hop on […]

How to efficiently climb to the cloudbase and see the sea ?

🌤 By flying with the BipBip PRO of course ! 🦅 Let yourself be carried away by Luca Goudon’s 55th paragliding flight (his first flight with a variometer), and live this emotional moment with him. 💥 You will hear the reactivity of the BipBip PRO in action, and especially the “sweep tone” feature which gives […]

Check out Cross Country Magazine, June issue !

🎉 Stodeus solar instruments are featured in the latest Cross Country Magazine ! 🦅 Escape in the June issue (no 220) and follow Damien Pattou on a vol-bivouac adventure across the Alps, then discover Normandy through the famous dynamic photos taken by Jérôme Maupoint.

Wanaka Hike&Fly, the first hike&fly competition in New Zealand

New Zealand first Hike & Fly competition Wanaka Hike & Fly took place last weekend March 13-14 2021. Inspired by the European hike & fly events and by NZ Southern Alps, which seem to be made for hike & fly, with low tree line, and not many roads, Kinga Masztalerz (Red-Bull X-Alps athlete) envisioned this […]

Stodeus instruments travel in Himalaya

Check out Cross Country Magazine November issue ! There is a really nice report by Jérôme Maupoint on his adventures in Bir/Billing with Marc Boyer from Soaring. Jerome Maupoint’s photos are absolutely stunning, and you will even spot Stodeus solar instruments, leGPSBip+ and leSolarPad ! 🌞

hike&fly solar-powered

Last September, Marcus King, associate editor of Cross Country Magazine, took part in the Ferrovi’AIR : a one of a kind hike&fly… and train race ! His tracks, both in the air and on the ground, were recorded by leGPSBip+, and his electronics were powered by leSolarPad. That’s what it’s like to fly with the […]

A nice 227,5km XC flight with leGPSBip

Congratulations to Laurent Monneron for this beautiful 227,5km xc flight ! He flew for more than 9 hours and thanks to his backup leGPSBip, he can now share his flight with us ! 👏💪 See the track of his flight on XContest.

Antoine Boisselier will land in your backyard !

“I Would Land In Your Backyard!” is the latest adventure of Antoine Boisselier, and you can now

En route avec Aile – le livre

“En route avec Aile, un tour du monde sans moteur de 7 ans, à vélo, voilier-stop et parapente” est le récit de l’incroyable et inspirant tour du monde d’Olivier Peyre. Durant cette aventure, ses vols en parapente étaient accompagnés du BipBip ! 😉 Le livre est disponible sur la boutique en ligne des Éditions du […]

leGPSBip and leSolarPad : the essential partners for hike & fly !

This July, Jérôme Maupoint, paraglider and photographer specialized in free flying (contributions to XC Mag, Parapente Mag, Thermik, …) and Marc Boyer, pyrenean paraglider and owner of Soaring Shop, crossed the Spanish Pyrenees in hike & fly. For this great adventure in total autonomy through the mountains, from Navarre to Cerdagne, they chose leGPSBip and […]

leGPSBip and Chrigel Maurer are in the latest free.aero

D-10 before the beginning of the Red Bull X-Alps 2017 edition ! Is Chrigel on his way to his fifth victory of the toughest hike & fly competition ? Here is an article on free.aero (available in English, French, German, Italian) about Chrigel Maurer’s preparation for the race, equiped with his backup solar vocal alti-vario […]

Red Bull X-Alps training

D-41 before the start of the famous Red Bull X-Alps ! We are proud to be part of the race with some of the athletes. Here are some pictures of Chrigel Maurer who is

tandem XC flight for Stodeus team

Stodeus team was thermaling today for a fly around

Stodeus team on the French XC tandem podium

This year, while developping leGPSBip, Clarisse and Timothée from Stodeus team are very pleased to manage 3rd rank on the French XC tandem podium with a total score of 327 pts. We have now a new goal for 2017! Many thanks to Bruno Lavit for the picture.

Cielo y Tierra : 1000km by horse and paraglider through Colombia

Et si on combinait parapente, cheval, astrophysique et écologie ? C’est l’idée de Cielo y Tierra : deux aventurières, Marja l’astrophysicienne et Kira l’écologue, armées de parapentes et de télescopes, et d'une intarissable soif de voyager. Un trajet de 1000km à cheval et en vol, pour échanger avec les gens rencontrés sur la route, découvrir [...]

Libres comme l’air, last chance to watch the full movie on TV

Libres comme l’air is sponsored by the mini solar variometer LeBipBip, and is about free flight cross country, a fascinating story by Nicolas Hairon and Antoine Boisselier. The movie will be broadcasted on French TV chanel France 3 Rhône-Alpes, Monday 29th January at 11:40pm.

3 World tandem paragliding record by Honorin Hamard

Last November, during their trip to Quixadá, Brazil, Honorin Hamard and his passenger Karine Gras, sponsored by LeBipBip, beated 3 World tandem paragliding record with a ‘distance to a declared goal’ of 335,4km, a ‘straight distance’ of 403,4km, and a ‘free distance using up to three turnpoints’ of 386,9km! There is no doubt that the […]

Libres comme l’air, the movie

Here you can watch the short version of the latest movie by Altitude Films. Libres comme l’air is a movie about free flight cross country, featuring the mini solar variometer LeBipBip. The full version will be broadcasted on French TV chanel France 3 Rhône-Alpes, Monday 18th January at 9pm.  

Frequent Flyers Project #3 – Paragliding in Namibia

Guillaume und Perrine sind mittlerweile im großartigen Namibia! Sehen Sie ihren atemberaubenden neuen Kurzfilm hier: Wenn Sie möchten, besuchen Sie ihre Facebook-Seite, um kommende Filme nicht zu verpassen! facebook.com/Frequent.Flyers.Paragliding

Jailoo: Flug-Biwak in Kirgistan

Jailoo: Flug-Biwak in Kirgistan jailoovolbivouac.blogspot.fr LeBipBip hat zwei junge Frauen gesponsort, die 3 Wochen lang Kirgistan befliegen wollen – und das in vollständiger Autonomie! Claire Mercuriot und Elodie Bobillon wollen vom See Kol Ukek, der über Kochkor Town liegt, bis nach Karakol City, im Osten vom Issyk Kol See, kommen.

Frequent Flyers Project #2 – Paragliding in Nepal

Guillaume und Perrine sind viel gereist, um verschiede Teile der Welt zu befliegen. Viel Spaß mit ihrem netten Kurzfilm übers Paragliden und mehr in Nepal! Wenn Sie möchten, liken Sie ihre Facebook-Seite, um die nächsten Filme zu sehen! facebook.com/Frequent.Flyers.Paragliding Sponsoren Ozone Paragliders Sup’Air Lowe Alpine Ice Breaker Asolo Adidas Eyewear Le BipBip  

Frequent Flyers Project #1 – Paragliding in Neuseeland

Guillaume und Perrine sind viel gereist, um verschiedene Gegenden der Welt zu befliegen. Viel Spaß mit diesem großartigen Kurzfilm über das Paragliden und mehr in Neuseeland! Wenn Sie möchten, liken Sie ihre Facebook-Seite, um ihre nächsten Filme zu sehen! facebook.com/Frequent.Flyers.Paragliding Sponsors Ozone Paragliders Sup’Air Lowe Alpine Ice Breaker Asolo Adidas Eyewear Le BipBip  

En route avec aile: Unterwegs mit Flügel

En route avec aile: Unterwegs mit Flügel Ein Weltumrundungs-Projekt: Olivier Peyre, Nadège Perrot und ein BipBip sind mit dem Fahrrad, dem Gleitschirm und per Segelschiff-Anhalter unterwegs rings um den Globus http://www.enrouteavecaile.com

Parateam: Sebastien Blein und Guillaume Chatain

  Parateam: Sebastien Blein und Guillaume Chatain Überquerung des Hohen Atlasses per Flug-Biwak “Der Traum, meine Freunde, der Reichtum und die Einfachheit der Begegnungen… all das verbunden mit der unglaublichen Freiheit des Flug-Biwaks (zumindest, wenn es funktioniert), und mehr braucht man nicht. Wir hatten das Glück, zwei solche Wochen Flug-Biwak erleben zu dürfen, die uns […]

Sébastien Roux

Sébastien Roux Sébastien Roux hat unseren Bipbip genutz, um per Flug-Biwak die Winds zu überqueren: 160km in 15 Tagen und komplette Autonomie! http://sebastienroux.org/

Damien Lacaze und Nicolas Pons

Damien Lacaze und Nicolas Pons Gipfelsprünge und Flug-Biwak im Berberland: Die Freunde Damien Lacaze und Nicolas Pons haben den Atlas erobert, den Bipbip im Gepäck. http://sautemontagnes.wordpress.com/