3D print your own UltraClip!

We're excited to share a new 3D printing file that allows paragliding pilots (with a 3D printer) to create a clip that can attach our instruments anywhere on their equipment. Created by SeventhSky, a happy solar-powered paragliding pilot, this flat clip is designed to work with the whole Stodeus instruments range, including the UltraBip, BipBip [...]

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Christmas gift 2022 : firmware update for UltraBip !

🎁 Santa has just left a major firmware update on our website for all UltraBip users! ➡️ Find it on the Firmware Update page, and install it now to enjoy the new features on your UltraBip. Here are the details of the major improvements brought by this update: ✅ Audio vario: Huge improvement in the [...]

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UltraBip is now available!

[EDIT] Pre-orders are closed since the end of September 2022. Now UltraBip can be ordered directly for shipping within 48 hours! 👉 Order here! 💥 UltraBip, our new solar-powered Bluetooth GPS logger with instant vario, is now available for pre-order! Quantities are limited, pre-order UltraBip now, as it will be shipped at the end of [...]

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UltraBip manufacturing is going strong

UltraBip manufacturing has started on our on-site production area in Grenoble, France. Every single unit is 100% fully tested with automated test benches and assembled with love by our skillful technicians. Pre-orders will open soon, stay tuned !

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Stodeus’ new solar GPS Bluetooth instrument is in Cross Country Magazine

UltraBip, our next most advanced instrument is announced in issue 230 of Cross Country Magazine. Check it out ! Plus there are tons of useful tips and amazing paragliding stories in this magazine!

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🎉 New instrument coming !

Its name is UltraBip. This is a new GPS logger alti-vario and voice assistant Bluetooth, fully solar-powered. The UltraBip becomes our most accomplished instrument: a little jewel of technology, equipped with Bluetooth and a concentrate of features that have made the success of our instruments, all in an ultralight format! Compatible with iPhone and Android, [...]

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Discover the feeling of your first thermals with the miniBip !

🚀 Here is the new addition to the Stodeus range: the miniBip! Discover your first thermals with this minimalist, ultra-simple and accessible audio vario. 🌞 Easy to handle, the vario response is intuitive and the sound is clear. The miniBip is the simplicity of a first vario for your paragliding progression. Check it out !

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Connect your leGPSBip+ to the new tablet Boox Nova 2

In their latest issue (february-march - 217), Cross Country Magazine tried out the new Boox Nova 2 with leGPSBip+. Their verdict : the combo leGPSBip+ and Boox Nova 2 is great, the connection via our USB-C cable is super easy and the e-ink screen of the Nova 2 is nice and sharp, without ghosting, offering [...]

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The new BipBip PRO under the Christmas tree !

Equipped with the latest generation of sensors from the drone industry, BipBip PRO is a solar variometer with unrivaled reactivity. New high performance solar cell design, exclusive acoustics, new settings… Fly without stress while still being performant in thermal. More information about BipBip PRO Christmas is just around the corner. Treat yourself ! 🎅 🎄 🎁

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