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Add a display to your leGPSBip+, and follow your flight path in real time

Connect your leGPSBip+ to your tablet or smartphone : GPS, baro, accelero, and gyro data will be sent, giving you full capability of your display with very sensitive sensors.

Compatible devices

leGPSBip+ is currently compatible with the following devices :

Android devices :

Compatible software

leGPSBip+ is currently compatible with the following softwares :

Click on the buttons below to know the specific parameters of each app.


These devices rarify on the market, and there is too many hardware differences within the manufacturing batches, we cannot guarantee the connectivity on this many different hardwares, and we no longer support this feature.

The vario is silent on ground by default : you need to takeoff to enable the vario. (alternatively, changing volume will un-mute the vario)

When the battery goes below 30%, the volume changes to minimum in order to consume as few energy as possible, and then allow leGPSBip to continue tracking as long as possible.

While flying, leGPSBip recharges via its solar cell, and when battery level goes beyond 30%, then the volume will go up.

Yes, if track recording is enabled, can be changed using the Configurator.

No. The solar cell is enough for leGPSbip, but not for another device.