Hike and Fly ES, the first hike&fly competition in Brazil

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Hike and Fly ES, the first hike&fly competition in Brazil

The first Hike and Fly competition of Espirito Santo – Brazil, took place from 5th to 7th of November 2021. Lucas Porto and Micheli Sossai, organizers of the event took their chances believing in a format never done in Brazil. They opted for tasks more technical, longer, and Race to Goal inspired.

The first morning started with a prologue followed by lectures regarding Hike and Fly history and equipment. The cycle of lectures ended with a briefing for the first task, and teams and strategies started forming. For the next couple of days, Alfredo Chaves (North-East from Rio de Janeiro) was in a beautiful atmosphere with 45 athletes from all over Brazil and a few from overseas.

Divided into two categories, an entry-level category for beginners called “Easy”, inspired XC pilots to start practicing Hike and Fly, while the “Hard” category extracted all that the athletes could give. A mix of technical hikes and race to goal flights made strategic planning a must. Tasks consisted of predefined turnpoints like in a race to goal but with the option to pass it by foot too. For the “Easy” category, it was optional with only the first turnpoint as mandatory to do it by foot. The “Hard” category had more than one, forcing athletes to top land or make multiple ascending hikes. Both tasks points were summed up to rank the athletes.

According to the organizers, at the podium ceremony, an euphoric and joyful mood took place. From the athletes to the residents, everybody was grateful for what they had experienced.
Days of pure joy without incidents marked the Hike and Fly ES Competition. Lucas Porto and Micheli Sossai have already set a date for the next chapter.
Save the date, because between April and May of 2022 they will be back with more !

Congratulations to all 45 registered athletes !

Results :

🥇 Felipe Marques (who won a BipBip PRO 👏)
🥈 John Boettcher
🥉 Cristhian Boettcher

Easy :
🥇 Alberto Porto Junior (who won a BipBip PRO 👏)
🥈 Rubens Schunk
🥉 Giovanni Mistura

Women :
🥇 Mariela Ferreira
🥈 Lyne Sussuarana
🥉 Fabiana Porto

hike and fly competition in brazil where you could win a bipbip pro

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