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Simply, follow the following procedure, step by step :

Install the sofware on your device (link buttons below)

Enable Connectivity mode of your leGPSBip via the Configurator

Enable connectivity from the Configurator

Connect to the Kobo using the micro USB OTG cable

Still in the Configurator :

  1. deactivate auto power off
  2. change GPS frequency to 1Hz

Turn the tablet ON and start the software.

Connect your leGPSBip to your tablet using the provided micro USB OTG cable

Then, only when the software is running, turn ON your leGPSBip

Parameters for XCSoar

On XCSoar startup screen

click on System, then Enable USB-OTG

In Fly mode

click on M (menu) > Config > Devices

Select Devices A: then click Edit

Click on Port, select ttyACM0

Baud rate: 4800 (not important)

Driver : GENERIC or BlueFly Vario or C-Probe or FlyNet Vario

Go back to the main screen an wait at least 45sec for the automatic connection

If you need to use an external battery for your Kobo, such as leSolarPad, please use the specific splitter cable.