3D print your own UltraClip!

We're excited to share a new 3D printing file that allows paragliding pilots (with a 3D printer) to create a clip that can attach our instruments anywhere on their equipment. Created by SeventhSky, a happy solar-powered paragliding pilot, this flat clip is designed to work with the whole Stodeus instruments range, including the UltraBip, BipBip [...]

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BipBip PRO complete REVIEW by Rudi from LiftUUp blog

Are you looking for a complete test and super detailed review of the BipBip PRO ? Rudi has tested the BipBip PRO for more than 30 hours of flight, in light mode for hike&fly but also in XC mode, and with every possible combinations of parameters ! ➡️ Here is the complete test review on [...]

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