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leGPSBip+ : demo & configuration video

leGPSBip+ User Manual

Searching GPS : the more it blinks orange, the more satellites are being acquired. Once GPS fix is done, it stops blinking.

leGPSBip+ is a low-power and solar-powered device, it needs optimum conditions in order to have a GPS fix in less than 2 min : at take-off, in a wide open area, with a clear sky, handle facing the sky and at a minimum height of 1,5m above the ground (on the helmet, on the pilot’s head ideally).

GPS fix takes much longer if you are on the move. Once the fix is done in static, it will keep it on the move. Ideally you should turn on leGPSBip+ once you arrive at your pre-flight location.

You may need to wait up to 10min for an initial GPS fix (may vary with cloud coverage).

Notes :
Without GPS fix, your track will not be recorded.
When acquiring satellites, the battery power consumption is important.

Antenna positioning : Make sure the device is facing up to get the best satellite reception.

Notes :
Even when you are getting ready, make sure nothing covers leGPSBip+, and the antenna is facing the sky.
Track recording will start 1 minute before take-off detection (if the GPS fix is done). Otherwise, in the Configurator, you can turn off take-off detection, and recording will start at GPS fix and run as long as the device is on.

Info : leGPSBip+ has been designed to be used in paragliding. We cannot guarantee optimal performances in a car, at home, or in any constructed area.

You can select four different volumes.

Vario silent volume : voice volume and LED behavior configurable in the Configurator.

Note :
Vario volume consumes battery power : when set to maximum, the battery power consumption is important.

You can change the Up sensitivity without the Configurator (just before take off) following the diagram above.

Note : if you have multiple profiles enabled, you will be asked to select your profile beforehand.

You can change the Sink alarm without the Configurator (just before take off) following the diagram above.

Note : if you have multiple profiles enabled, you will be asked to select your profile beforehand.

Weak lift buzzer : short modulations indicating weak lift. Threshold values can be configured in the Configurator.

Note : When vario is off or disabled, vocal manual mode is enabled when double-click.

You can request flight information anytime by double tapping or double clicking (if vario is off or disabled) on the device.

Note : Double-tap force, double-tap disabled on ground, and voice format can be configured in the Configurator.

You can enable or disable voice auto mode : announces flight information when distance, altitude or time triggering conditions are met.

Voice flight information :

  • Ground speed from GPS (if available)
  • Altitude (ASL), calibrated from GPS at start up, barometric during flight

Use Chrome or Firefox. More info on the Configurator page.

To view your flight: download the corresponding IGC file (in the tracks folder), upload it on an online viewer like IGC Webview, VisuGPS, CFD, or XContest.
Also, you can upload the KML file on Google Earth to view your flight in 3D.

Each time you switch on the leGPSBip+, the voice announces the approximate percentage of charge. The percentage is announced from 10 to 10, and each switch on to check the charge percentage consumes a few percent of the battery.

Note: leGPSBip+ runtime depends on the amount of sunshine and the activated options in the Configurator (see energy info for each parameter).

The solar charge while in flight is guaranteed with the default parameters (volume mini or medium, GPS freq. 0,1Hz, default vario settings, voice auto and connectivity deactivated, …).

If the battery is completely empty, leGPSBip+ will do one beep when switched on, then play the shutdown melody, and the LED will flash red for a few seconds.

More info on USB charge

You can either connect the device to your computer as a USB flash drive, or charge it using your smartphone AC charger. Any source from any rating (from 200mA to 4A) can be used: laptop, wallwart, cigarette lighter adapter, powerbanks (of any capacity).

Note: The device has a standard USB connector (micro-USB) and can be charged with any cable. You can use any USB charger, standard 5V or Quick Charge (QC), Power Delivery (USB-C PD) as the device is fully USB standard compliant.
When charging via USB, the device will sink about 200mA maximum, full charge is done within 2 hours.

When charging via USB, the charge level is indicated by the LED (when the device is OFF):

  • When it is charging, the LED glows red.
  • When charging is complete, the LED lights up steady green, and after one hour turns off completely.

More info on solar charge

leGPSBip+ is always charging while under the sun (both when ON and OFF) ! There is no solar charge signaling in order to save energy. It will take about 20h of direct full sun to charge it at 70%.

Note: Solar charge will give the best results under direct full sun (not overcast/cloudy). Do not place the device behind a window, or the windshield of a car, leGPSBip+ won’t charge, and the battery will be damaged.

See connectivity guide here.

You can enable multiple profiles in the Configurator. If more than one profile enabled, selection will be asked at start up.

Proceed to a factory reset anytime : default settings will be applied and language selection requested.

Note : your previous configuration file will be saved under the name before-reset-config.gpsbip.

Languages : extra languages can be downloaded here.

Default parameters :

  • 1 profile
  • Voice manual mode : ON
    • announcement : altitude, speed, average climb rate
  • Voice auto mode : OFF
  • GPS : ON
    • take off detection : ON
    • GPS frequency : 0,2 Hz
    • Recording format : IGC et KML
  • Instant Vario : ON
    • Up sensitivity : 20cm/s
    • Sink alarm : OFF
    • Weak lift buzzer : OFF
    • Vario silent on ground : ON
  • Connectivity : OFF
  • Auto power-off : after 25min of inactivity

Here, download the printable user manual version

Download manual page 1

Download manual page 2

leGPSBip+ : FAQ

Configuration :

Do I need to install a specific software on my computer to retrieve my tracks or to configure the device ?

No ! There is no need of any software !
When connected to a computer, leGPSBip+ works just like any USB flashdrive, and you can access its files / folders with your files manager.
Tracks (IGC files and KML files) are easy to retrieve in a folder named “tracks”.
In order to configure leGPSBip+, there is leConfigurator web-app, which is available here, or on the device itself. It’s only a web page that also works offline.
Tracks are, by default, organised by dates in folders, like in the screenshot below (they can also be sorted all in one folder in order to be easier to export to a flights manager software) :

I have a Linux / Mac / Windows, does it work with leGPSBip+ ?

leGPSBip+ works on any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer.

My computer is asking me to format leGPSBip+ disk, what should I do ?

leGPSBip+ should not be formated at any time, or the manufacturer warranty will be void.

Update :

At the end of the update of my leGPSBip (version 1), it says "ok, next step" and then "calibration failed". What should I do ?

It means you have to proceed to the sensors calibration in order to get the Instant Vario.

Please, follow the procedure described here.

leGPSBip+ is not concerned, as its sensors are factory calibrated, and the Instant Vario is activated by default.

I wish to do the calibration again on my leGPSBip (version 1), how to proceed ?

It’s not possible to force a new calibration. There is no need to do it again (even after an update or a reset). When it has been calibrated the first time, if it has been validated (vocal confirmation), it means the sensors are properly and permanently calibrated. If the sensors would have not been properly calibrated, then the calibration would have failed and the process would have started over until the calibration validation.

My instrument does not turn ON, what should I do ?

You just need to charge it during 1 hour using an AC charger (not a powerbank, not a computer) and cable that you know is working (try to charge your smartphone first). At that point, leaving it charging overnight would be useless, and it is normal the LED does not lit.

After 1 hour, leave it connected, do a reset (press the button during 20 seconds), and then leave it charging a whole night.

If the reset while connected has no effect, disconnect it and do the reset, and then leave it charging a whole night.

The LED will light in green when fully charged, then the LED will turn off.

How to update the voice pack ?

  1. Download the voice pack file
  2. Connect your leGPSBip+ as a disk (see section “file transfer and charge” on the manual) to your computer.
  3. Replace the old file by the new downloded one inside the folder named “voices”
  4. Keep your leGPSBip+ connected until it stops blinking, and then click on Eject disk
  5. Disconnect leGPSBip+ and turn it ON

There should always be at least one voice pack in the “voices” folder.

It looks like there are useless files, can I delete them ?

When you connect leGPSBip+ to your computer, it appears as a USB flashdrive in your files manager.

Its tree view at the root should be as follow :










If the “voices” folder or the “gpsbip-configurator.html” file is deleted, then the device will not be working correctly anymore. They should also not be renamed. And the leGPSBip+ disk should not be formated at any time, or the manufacturer warranty will be void.

Only the “config.gpsbip” file can be deleted, it’s like a reset (20s press on the button).

The “voices” folder has to always contain at least one voice pack. You can delete voice packs you don’t use. If a voice pack is located outside the “voices” folder, it won’t be working.










The “tracks” folder contains the recorded tracks. They are organised in folders by dates or all in one folder.










Tracks files and dates folders can be deleted if needed.

What is my current firmware or voice pack version number ?

  1. Switch off your leGPSBip+
  2. Connect it to your computer
  3. Open leConfigurator
  4. Click on “load config”, and follow the instructions
  5. The version number will be available under System > more (see screenshot below)


Vario :

When I turn ON my instrument and want to try the vario, it doesn't beep, why ?

The vario is silent on ground by default : you need to takeoff to enable the vario (variation of more than 1,5m/s).
(alternatively, changing volume will un-mute the vario)

While flying, leGPSBip+ sound volume changed to minimum, why ?

When the battery goes below 30%, the volume changes to minimum in order to consume as few energy as possible, and then allows leGPSBip+ to continue tracking as long as possible.

While flying, leGPSBip+ recharges via its solar cell, and when battery level goes beyond 30%, then the volume will go up again.

My instrument is making curious noises all the time while its not moving, what should I do ?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature : the zero lift indicator !

This indication tone is made of short modulations indicating weak lift (between -30cm/s and your positive lift threshold, (default is +20cm/s), not strong enough to thermal but helping you to find thermal standing nearby.

To activate or deactivate it, you simply need to double-click on the button.

What is the integration time of the average climb rate given by leGPSBip+ ?

When activated in the Configurator, leGPSBip+ can tell you the average climb rate. It is integrated out of the last 15 seconds before the vocal announcement.


How many flights leGPSBip+ can record ?

Internal memory is 8Gb, that’s about 20 000 flights !

Can I use leGPSBip+ to record my path while hiking, cycling, skiing or non-paragliding related activitiy ?

Yes, leGPSBip+ can track your path when hiking, cycling, or skiing. There is even a specific option in the Configurator web-app : it will make sure the track stick to the ground on Google Earth.

Please note that leGPSBip+ has been designed for paragliding. It needs good satellite reception, so it may loose satellites while under the trees of a forest for example, and therfore it may cause “holes” in the track.

leGPSBip+ is not waterproof, so we do not recommend to use it on a boat.

In Google Earth, the track of my paragliding flight is stuck to the ground (2D). How can I view it in 3D?

In the Configurator, in the “GPS” section, under the “advanced” tab, deactivate the “KML track on ground (2D)” option.
(this option is useful for tracks made on foot, for hike&fly for example)

The KML file always records the altitude.
The “KML track on ground (2D)” option is a viewing option only. If you have a track with this option activated, you can always switch to 3D in Google Earth:

  1. in the left column, right click on the line “Path” (3 red dots + the date of the flight)
  2. click on “Settings” or “Info”.
  3. in the “Altitude” tab, select “Absolute”.

Does leGPSBip+ still record tracks when connected to a tablet or smartphone ?

Yes, if track recording is enabled in the Configurator web-app.

Is leGPSBip+ accepted at FAI events ?

The IGC file recorded is FAI-CIVL certified.

Charge :

Can Stodeus instruments handle strong charging power ? Is it safe to charge them with any charger ?

Yes, any source from any rating (from 200mA to 4A) can be used: laptop, wallwart, cigarette lighter adapter, powerbanks (of any capacity).

Stodeus instruments have standard USB connectors and can be charged with any cable. You can use any USB charger, standard 5V or Quick Charge (QC), Power Delivery (USB-C PD) as the devices are fully USB standard compliant.

Connectivity :

Is it possible to connect leGPSBip+ to a Kobo eReader ?

These devices rarify on the market, and there is too many hardware differences within the manufacturing batches, we cannot guarantee the connectivity on this many different hardwares, and we no longer support this feature.

Is it possible to connect leGPSBip+ to an iPhone ?

leGPSBip+ can only be connected to Android smartphones and tablets.

More information on the Connectivity page.

Does leGPSBip+ still record tracks when connected to a tablet or smartphone ?

Yes, if track recording is enabled in the Configurator web-app.

Can I charge my smartphone with leGPSBip+ ?

No. The solar cell is enough for leGPSbip+, but not for another device.