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miniBip : detailed user manual

Setup : Make a lark’s head knot with the attachment line to secure the miniBip.

  1. Pass the small loop of the attachment line through the handle of the miniBip.
  2. Pass the other end of the line (large loop) inside the small loop.

Installation : 2 adhesive velcro loop patches are supplied with the miniBip in order to attach it to your equipment. (the device is pre-equiped with velcro hooks on the back).
You can stick one velcro on the back of your helmet, and if necessary, stick/sew the second one on the strap of your harness, or use the two loop velcros taped together around a riser.

Note : Installation on the harness shoulder strap is recommended.
On the helmet, make sure you always place the miniBip at the back of the helmet, and not on the side, so as to avoid having incoherent beeps due to relative wind variations (for example when the pilot turns his head).

ON : To switch on your miniBip, keep the button pressed for 3 seconds. You will hear the starting melody, followed by the battery level.

  • 3 bips + green LED : battery level 100%.
  • 2 bips + orange LED : battery level 50%.
  • 1 bip + red LED : battery level 10%.

OFF : To switch off your miniBip, keep the button pressed for 3 seconds, you will hear the switch-off melody.

Note: If the LED flashes red every 3 seconds, the battery is empty, the miniBip needs to be recharged.

Volume : At any time during flight or on the ground, you can select from three different volumes with a simple click on the button :

  • minimum
  • medium
  • high

Charging: When the battery level is low (10%), the LED flashes red. This indicates that you need to recharge the miniBip.

To recharge the miniBip, it must be turned off. Use the provided USB cable and an AC charger (5V, 200mA minimum).
The LED glows red, then turns steady green when charging is complete.

Note: Be careful not to leave the miniBip behind the windshield of a car, it would damage the battery.

Reset: If necessary, you can carry out a factory reset at any time by pressing the button for about 15 seconds.

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