Overview of Stodeus’ varios and GPS by Thermik Magazin

//Overview of Stodeus’ varios and GPS by Thermik Magazin

Overview of Stodeus’ varios and GPS by Thermik Magazin

In its December 2021 issue, Thermik Magazin has dedicated a 4-page dossier to the market of ultralight variometers and GPS for hike&fly. Alongside the Syride, XC Tracer, Skybean, and Skytraxx varios, Stodeus instruments are reviewed.

Here is the English translation of their review of the Stodeus instruments range:

Stodeus of Grenoble/France can look back on 10 years of developing minivarios. There are three models to choose from. They all have one thing in common: small, light and without a screen.
The differences are significant, however: the miniBip is a mini vario that beeps, simple as that. On the other hand, it weighs only 24 g, measures 57 x 35 x 14 mm and can be used for 200 hours without recharging. The BipBip PRO has the same design as the miniBip, but it has a solar cell, can be configured in different ways and weighs only 26 grams. The GPSBip+ is even more powerful: it weighs 35 grams and includes a GPS logger, a voice assistant and the ability to connect to a smartphone.

The winter lay-off is coming to an end, and the hike&fly days are starting again, are you sure you haven’t forgotten those 25 grams that will allow you to enjoy the first thermals? 😎

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