UltraBip: Firmware update

/UltraBip: Firmware update
UltraBip: Firmware update 2022-12-24T11:30:03+00:00

Download the latest firmware update for your UltraBip here.

Step-by-step guide for updating my instrument:

  • Download firmware

  • Connect your UltraBip as a disk to your computer

  • Place the firmware file at the root of UltraBip, using the file explorer or the finder

  • Click on 'Eject disk'

  • Still USB connected, press once on UltraBip's button, and wait for the confirmation

  • Wait for the steady green LED for 5sec then the success tone.

  • The update is complete !

latest version date: 2022-12-24

NOTE : The vario is silent on ground by default : you need to takeoff to enable the vario. (alternatively, changing volume will un-mute the vario)

Need help ?

How to update the voicepack ?

Click here to go to the voicepack download page.

There should always be at least one voice pack in the “voices” folder.

What is my current firmware or voicepack version?

To locate your version information, follow the following steps:

  1. Switch off your UltraBip
  2. Connect it to your computer
  3. Open the Configurator
  4. Click on “load config”, and follow the instructions
  5. The version number is available under the System > more menu as shown below


Advanced recovery procedure

In case of difficulties, enter the recovery mode as follows:

  1. Connect UltraBip to your computer via USB
  2. Press and hold the button for 30 seconds
  3. Download this file
  4. Place the downloaded file in the root of the UltraBip flash drive. The light will start blinking.
  5. Keep UltraBip connected until the blinking stops, and then click on Eject disk
  6. With UltraBip still connected, turn UltraBip on and wait for the steady green light. The green light will appear for 5 seconds and then a success tone will sound.
  7. The latest update may now be installed

Firmware changelog & roadmap


Major changes:
– vario algo major improvement
– vario default curve change
– vario integration time menu (button menu & configurator)
– flight level alarms (configurator)
– automatic voice announcement (triple click & configurator)
– IGC track format FAI/CIVL compliant
– KML in 3D and on ground, both format simultaneously
– barometric altitude calibration before takeoff
– track-log folder format
– takeoff detection with geofence (in addition of Vz)
– auto-shutdown with geofence

Minor changes:
– config file lang bug cleanup
– vario mute when not moving
– BLE connection announcement improved
– IGC track file: glider type entry fix
– KML: show max VZ in m/s instead of cm/s
– BLE advertising time is now 5min after power on
– IGC track file unique S/ID
– LED: charging and USB connected: reduce brightness


– Configurator: vario tone editor audio preview fix for various web browsers.
– Take-off detection improved: Vario enabled with Vz > 1,75m/s. Track recording starts with minimum speed of 10km/h.
– Volume changes (more than 1 volume change) starts vario.

Initial release (2022-09-19)

For more information, check out the FAQ.