Wanaka Hike&Fly 2nd edition : the fun race !

//Wanaka Hike&Fly 2nd edition : the fun race !

Wanaka Hike&Fly 2nd edition : the fun race !

Here at Stodeus, we are proud to support the Wanaka Hike&Fly race, a one-of-a-kind hike&fly competition in New Zealand opened to pilots of all levels and focused on fellowship with fun evenings at mountain huts !

“This years Wanaka Hike & Fly was a huge success with fantastic flights, great comradeship and healthy competitive emotions until the last moment. Last year was a trial run but this year we had the very event I envisioned when first thought of creating it.” said race director and Red Bull X-Alps athlete Kinga Masztalerz.
“We had great organization and no incidents despite pilots pushing their limits. It was possible thanks to a fantastic team of volunteers, all NZHGPA pilots.”

Results :

1. Ben Kellett (who won leGPSBip+ 👏)
2. Aaron Ford (who won the BipBip PRO 👏)
3. Bradley Franks

1. Lorraine Johns
2. Jessica Schofield

Congrats everyone !

prize giving : BipBip PRO

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