Wanaka Hike&Fly, the first hike&fly competition in New Zealand

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Wanaka Hike&Fly, the first hike&fly competition in New Zealand

New Zealand first Hike & Fly competition Wanaka Hike & Fly took place last weekend March 13-14 2021.
Inspired by the European hike & fly events and by NZ Southern Alps, which seem to be made for hike & fly, with low tree line, and not many roads, Kinga Masztalerz (Red-Bull X-Alps athlete) envisioned this event and made it happen with the help of a talented and joyful team of passionate pilots.

It took hundreds of work hours to create a fun, safe and challenging event for pilots at any skill level which would comply with all NZ regulations.
Rules: the athletes can decide which turnpoints from the official list they cross and in which order. Easily accessible turnpoints give an athlete 1 point, further or more tricky ones 2 points and to make it more fun there is a 5 points bonus for sleeping at a designated Night Turnpoint.
The athletes can stay close by or go for those far turnpoints but they need to be careful, there is an 8 point penalty if they don’t arrive at the finish cylinder before the end of the race!

The first edition went smoothly, Kinga said, with no incidents, watching a bunch of pilots just having fun or pushing themselves beyond their limits and finishing the weekend absolutely exhausted and totally glowing! And already asking if next year they can make the race longer!

Congratulations to all 25 registered athletes ! And see you next year !


Overall & Men:
1. Fraser Monteith (who won a BipBip PRO 👏)
2. Robber Boyle
3. Rober Hughes-Games

1. Vicki Zadrozny
2. Melanie Heather
3. Paula Race

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