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Christmas present for 2022: UltraBip software upgrade!

🎁 Father Christmas has just posted a major software update on our website for all users of theUltraBip !

➡️ Find her on the Firmware updateand install it now to take advantage of the new features on your UltraBip.

Here are the details of the major improvements brought by this update:

Vario audio :

    • Huge improvement to the vario algorithm for improved responsiveness and stability.
      The integration time can now be set between 0 and 100% (directly from the UltraBip button or from the Configurator)
    • The default vario curve has been redesigned to provide the best possible response to information needs (small thermals: more information / large thermals: smoother information).

Flight level alarm :
Flight levels can be defined in the Configurator to warn you when you are approaching the set altitude. Ideal for flying in controlled air zones.

IGC format :
The IGC recording format used is now the FAI/CIVL format specific to hang-gliders and paragliders, for better support of barometric altitude in viewers.

GPS altitude and baro :
A more precise calibration is carried out on the ground, before take-off, for a better altitude reference (for voice announcements and KML files).

Dossiers tracks :
The IGC and KML files are now saved in separate folders, and within these folders, the tracks are grouped by year.
The KML format is now saved in duplicate: a track in the air (for flight), and a track on the ground (for walk & flight) in the "_ON_GROUND" folder.

Automatic voice mode :
Automatic voice mode is now available. It announces flight information automatically and periodically according to the parameters entered in the Configurator. This mode can be activated either by triple-clicking the UltraBip button at any time during the flight, or via the Configurator.

🎄 Merry Christmas 2022 to you all! 🎅

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