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leGPSBip User Manual

Searching GPS : the more it blinks orange, the more satellites are being acquired. Once GPS fix is done, it stops blinking.

You may need to wait up to 10min for an initial GPS fix (may vary with cloud coverage).

Notes :
Without GPS fix, your track will not be recorded.
When acquiring satellites, the battery power consumption is important.

Antenna positioning : Make sure the device is facing up to get the best satellite reception.

Notes :
Even when you are getting ready, make sure nothing covers leGPSBip, and the antenna is facing the sky.
Track recording will start 1 minute before take-off detection (if the GPS fix is done), otherwise, in the Configurator, you can turn off take-off detection, and recording will start at GPS fix and run as long as the device is on.

Info : leGPSBip has been designed to be used in paragliding. We cannot guarantee optimal performances in a car, at home, or in any constructed area.

You can select four different volumes.

Vario silent volume : voice volume and LED behavior configurable in the Configurator.

Note :
Vario volume consumes battery power : when set to maximum, the battery power consumption is important.

You can change the Up sensitivity without the Configurator (just before take off) following the diagram above.

Note : if you have multiple profiles enabled, you will be asked to select your profile beforehand.

You can change the Sink alarm without the Configurator (just before take off) following the diagram above.

Note : if you have multiple profiles enabled, you will be asked to select your profile beforehand.

Weak lift buzzer : short modulations indicating weak lift. Threshold values can be configured in the Configurator.

Note : When vario is off or disabled, vocal manual mode is enabled when double-click.

You can request flight information anytime by double tapping or double clicking (if vario is off or disabled) on the device.

Note : Double-tap force, double-tap disabled on ground, and voice format can be configured in the Configurator.

You can enable or disable voice auto mode : announces flight information when distance, altitude or time triggering conditions are met.

Voice flight information :

  • Ground speed from GPS (if available)
  • Altitude (ASL), calibrated from GPS at start up, barometric during flight

Use Chrome or Firefox. More info on the Configurator page.

To view your flight : download the corresponding IGC file (in the tracks folder), upload it on an online viewer like IGC Webview, VisuGPS, CFD, or XContest.
Also, you can upload the KML file on Google Earth to view your flight in 3D.

You can either connect the device to your computer as a USB flash drive, or charge it using your smartphone AC charger (or USB cigarette lighter adapter, or USB external battery).

leGPSBip is always charging while under the sun ! It will take about 20h of direct full sun to charge it completely.

Note : do not place the device behind a window, or the windshield of a car, leGPSBip won’t charge, and the battery will be damaged.

leGPSBip runtime depends on the amount of sunshine and the activated options in the Configurator (see energy info for each parameter).

See connectivity guide here.

You can enable multiple profiles in the Configurator. If more than one profile enabled, selection will be asked at start up.

Proceed to a factory reset anytime : default settings will be applied and language selection requested.

Note : your previous configuration file will be saved under the name before-reset-config.gpsbip.

Languages : extra languages can be downloaded here.

Here, download the printable user manual version

Download manual page 1

Download manual page 2